Do’s and Don’t’s you all must follow at your work place

There are many things which we need to understand before entering or while working in the professional world as sometimes it may take your job away from you. So, let’s check out what rules you must follow in your professional world.

  1. Always have a good conversation with all your colleagues as it’s not mandatory to bound yourself with the concerned department in which you are working. Go and explore other departments during your break time. It helps you in gaining much experience from your colleagues who share the advice with you of their past experiences.
  2. Do arrive early to the office as it shows how punctual and sincere you are in your job. Daily late comings may trouble you and some time may lead to the termination from the job.
  3. Never reply to all the email chain until and unless it was not related to you. Try to find the difference between the reply and reply all options to avoid disgrace.
  4. Never join the job if you are not satisfied with the profile or the job descriptions as it’s just a waste of time for both the parties.
  5. Never bring your personal emotions to your office as it affects your work as well sometimes of your colleagues. They are not sitting to listen your emotions also you were not aware whether the neighbor of your desk in the office is genuinely listening you or not. So, always try to be professional in your workplace.
  6. Don’t gossip about your boss or colleague with your fellow workers as it will not give anything to you.
  7. Always try to get a new task by getting out of your comfortable zone
  8. Always focus on maintaining your current skills as well as gaining new skills according to the work experience by getting into the more tasks.
  9. If you are working in a team try to give the credit to others as well instead of showing that you have done it all alone. It shows your professional level and a sweet gesture towards your fellow colleagues.
Deepika Pant

A girl with a smile and confidence, who believes in herself and can't afford to hate anyone.

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A girl with a smile and confidence, who believes in herself and can't afford to hate anyone.

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